Painting Manjot Kaur

Video Asha Karami



The Tree That Grew Out of My Womb
Being parents of all animate and inanimate things

Performative lecture (1 hour)

Asha Karami
Manjot Kaur
Jan Van Eyck Academy
Saastamoinen Foundation
Uniarts Helsinki’s Academy of Fine Arts

How do your ideas about fertility and motherhood affect your behaviour and choices?

What does it mean to be fertile or infertile?

What is the future of organic reproduction while digital replication and production of consumer goods is exploding?

From the lens of environmental equilibrium and intersecting on the boundaries of fiction, reality and myth-making, this performative event attempted to kick start a conversation on the sovereignty of the ecology, female body, fertility, and sustainable communities. The audience was considered a valuable partner in this conversation which included the use of (moving) image, sound, language and online interaction with the audience leading to a collectively constructed digital poem.

These themes and questions posed in The Tree That Grew Out of My Womb reoccur in each performer’s artistic practice and in their lives as human beings, therefore, this performance will not only merge the boundaries of these individual issues but also bring together various artistic mediums practiced by each participant.

Selected exhibitions

“Ac/kademie #5”, Jan Van Eyck Academy, Maastricht (NL) and online, 2022