Conundrum of Desire
What is the connection between rainfall and the goodness or the badness of people?

Wooden crate, wood bench, sauna oven, diverse electronics, hour glass, thermometer, straw, ash, screen and bathrobe. 4mx2mx3m Video 10 mins 24 secs

Arvid Jense
Manjot Kaur

The narrative of this work references and rewrites the Chandogya Upanishad, originally a Sanskrit text embedded in the Same Veda and considered to be written between 8th-6th century BCE in India. The text narrates the relationship between the individual and the universal and cites importance of action in accordance with one’s duty. Reinterpreting this content was explored in different formats: first a live digital performance, a video and finally an installation.

Extract of the script:

Our life is related to every phenomenon outside, and vice versa. While our way of living has something to do with the activity of the world outside, our life is also dependent on that activity. There is a mutual dependence between the outer world and the inner life of the individual. Our thoughts influence the Atmosphere and vice versa. Many a times we must have heard people saying, “These days people are very bad; so there is no rainfall.”

What is the connection between rainfall and the goodness or the badness of people?

There is a vibration that is generated within every person whenever a thought occurs. Whenever we think something, whenever we feel something deeply, even when we speak something, there is a vibration generated because we do not speak without thinking. There is a thought behind every action or speech.

What are your actions today? Why are you so greedy? Why are you so selfish? Why are you never satisfied? Why do you want more and more?

Selected exhibitions

Open Studios, Jan Van Eyck Academy, Maastricht (NL) 2021

Urgency Intensive IPACC, Jan Van Eyck Academy, online, 2021

“Low Volume”, Dhi Artspace, Hyderabad (IN) 2023